About Port Elevator

Port Elevator was founded in 1975 with the vision of providing the highest quality elevator equipment and the best possible service our customers can expect. Every major component incorporated in the elevator systems we install is produced by one of the leading manufacturers in the United States. The products selected are not chosen because the supplier was the lowest price, but each component is the strongest, most reliable we could find.

Each of our suppliers matches our vision of an elevator that would last the life of the building. Buildings in our area are expected to last decades and the elevator system is a major component of each project an architect or firm designs. Since elevators can not be traded in every four or five years, like an automobile or household appliance, an assembly line product by a low-bid manufacturer only damages the reputation of the designer.

Elevator technology, building codes, and system coordination is changing so rapidly that every designer needs either a specialist on staff or a firm such as Port Elevator to work with when the need arises. Design engineering, building construction, manufacturing, field installation, maintenance, and service ... all are areas of specialization blended into the backgrounds of the Port Elevator team. Port Elevator will assist with all aspects of the elevator design. We can provide general non-proprietary specifications, general and detailed drawings, building systems coordination and building analysis so you are sure of using the right system for your client's needs.

What is an Independent Company?

There are two types of companies in our business:
Major and Independent.

Major companies are large companies that are known worldwide. These companies usually have manufacturing plants in many countries and have offices in all major cities. Each of the smaller branches reports to a higher division that is in the larger cities who in turn report to the main offices.

Service calls are usually taken by an operator in a large call center in a different state or even another country. These operators have little or no knowledge about elevators and only know you by your account number. They are trained to ask a list of questions and record your answers and then to report the call to someone who will get the information to your local branch. These companies usually sell and install their parts, and only their parts. The plans for these parts are held only by the company and make it hard to leave their support for another since only they can maintain them.

Independent companies are locally and sometimes family-owned and operated. They usually have few branch offices and have localized service areas. These companies don't just know you by an account number but by name and face. These companies usually form long term relationships with clients that are beneficial to both parties. If you have a problem you can contact the owner directly and have it solved quickly rather then waiting for a service request to be processed.

Independent companies usually sell non-proprietary parts. These parts are easy-to-service and, unlike the parts you would get from major companies, the plans are available to all companies. The advantage to this is that if you do not like your service you can transfer over to another company because the parts can be maintained by any quality company. See our Architects Info page for more information.




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