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Cab 401

Custom and Contemporary Designs...

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Custom Designed Cab Styles

We can build your elevator to suit your needs and match your style.

Elevators come in such a wide variety of styles and options. For example, certain elevators are used exclusively to move freight and goods instead of transporting people. The way the doors open, the lighting and interior design can all be custom made according to the client.

There are home elevators designed primarily for the disabled. Commercial elevators can come in many sizes depending on the building structure and design. Office complexes, hospitals, government buildings and businesses are usually required to have an elevator system to ensure accessibility for everyone.

We can customize and install your elevator cab in any style, any color, and any size to give you the look you desire to match the design aesthetics of your space.

Whether it is new construction, or modernization, Port Elevator is one of Pennsylvania's largest and most respected manufacturers of new elevator cabs in the industry. Port Elevator utilizes state of the art equipment and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, to deliver the highest quality product.

From basic and traditional designs, to custom and contemporary designs, Port Elevator is an established company that sets the industry standard for excellence.

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