Port Elevator has an extensive maintenance and repair service available for your clients. Our service extends from immediate repairs to annual maintenance contracts. Port Elevator also covers all testing to make sure your equipment is up-to-code.:

The largest independent elevator service company in Central Pennsylvania.

Fully trained in all major suppliers systems - Port, Dover, Otis, General, Westinghouse, ThyssenKrupp, Eastern.
Bonded, insured, and highly professional, trained and certified technicians.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Our complete maintenance services help to keep your elevator running and to find and fix problems before they occur. You can be confident that our certified elevator technicians are maintaining your equipment to the highest standard. We give you detailed information about all the service work done on your elevator promptly after work is completed. We do scheduled preventative maintenance visits to identify problems before your equipment breaks down.

Inspections and Compliance

Port Elevator can ensure that your equipment is up-to-code with our inspections. Our team keeps complete records about your equipment, inspection status and required testing. We work hard with inspectors to ensure that your equipment does not suffer from service disruptions or safety concerns.


Over time better equipment is developed that can help to improve your system. These improvements can both make your equipment more cost effective as well as make it better for everyone who rides your system. Port Elevator will install these upgrades in order to help keep your system in top condition.